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Download Macro Mouse X7 Driver (Latest)




. ps aux | grep wine I have a feeling that OS/2 didn't do great on CDROM. without the pipe. there's two processes. OK, that looks promising. no. ps aux | grep -i wine jhutchins: nothing. jhutchins: check /proc//environ ok. start up the wine service and see if it crashes. I don't see it listed in the man pages for wine. it's not. it's in the service manager. it's started by the wine service, but it's a system service. and it's also where you configure it to start when you boot. Yeah, I know the service manager. I don't know the service config. you can see the config using `grep $servicename /etc/init.d/*` or `ls -l /etc/init.d/* | grep $servicename` `cat /etc/init.d/ | grep -i '^start'` (here's a handy list of services, btw) It hasn't crashed so far, so it's up and running. nice. you can grep for a user entry for that service using `ps aux | grep -e "$$" | grep " | grep -e "user"`




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Download Macro Mouse X7 Driver (Latest)

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