FX Monkey is your personal virtual dark room. Here you'll find traditional, and not-so-traditional color presets, Macros, Brushes, and Overlays for Affinity Photo.

FX Monkey is a property of Frankentoon Studio. Designed by the Insecto Team, 2018.

Combine the power of Affinity Photo Macros and simple coloring techniques to transform your photos into beautiful pieces of pop art.


POP gives you the tools to create amazing ready-to-work templates, full colored tone separations and one-click special effects, all in the same pack. Once you've finished your compositions, POP provides you with a nice set of post-production tools to give your artwork the gritty edgy look of those vintage hand-printed artworks.

POP - Macro Pack for Affinity Photo

SKU: FXM0418
    • POP - Black Channel
    • POP - Black Channel (Toned)
    • POP - Black + Line Work
    • POP - Nineties Split
    • POP - Line Extraction
    • USER - Freestyle / A
    • USER - Freestyle / B
    • POST - POP Dots
    • POST - Vintager / A
    • POST - Vintager / B
    • POST - POP Mosaic
    • POST - Smooth